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Book your place now for The Wrong Girl book tour!

February 14th, 2014   7 Comments

“The only regret I have in my life is not having made it to one of Zoe Foster Blake’s book events.
That and smoking too much.”

- Oscar Wilde on his deathbed, just before the sassy wallpaper comment.

To celebrate the launch of my latest novel, The Wrong Girl, I am doing a series of book events in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast at the end of the month. They are being called “cocktail literary events” I will have you know, which means we all get to dress up a little bit, and I am not allowed to wear my double-pluggers and Bintang singlet.

I will be on stage chatting about the book and being interviewed, then I will do a Q&A with you sweet lollipops, and then I am gonna sign the heck out of your copy of The Wrong Girl. (Obviously don’t buy the book before you get to the event – it’s WAY more fun to buy it at the party and have it signed all fresh and stuff.)

The events look a bit like this, but with more cocktails and canapés and pen marks on my fingers from where I lovingly scribble my name on the inside cover of each book….

QT Hotel, Sydney, 6 – 8 PM

QT Hotel, Gold Coast, 6 – 8 PM

Ecco Bar (underneath Mary Ryan’s bookshop), 6 – 8 PM
* Contact Mary Ryan’s direct on 07 3510 5000 to book your place!

The Olsen Hotel, Melbourne, 6 – 8 PM

The full details of each event (Brisbane notwithstanding) are listed here, and that’s where you need to go right now to book your seat.

Probably snizzlewozz over there pretty soon as places are limited and going fast, which I can only attribute to my sensational work with cash bribes and creating a sense of urgency via bossy, frantic blog posts like this.

I apologise to all the dear rascals in Tassie, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Cairns, Taree and everywhere else I am ungraciously not heading, but I will be a heavily pregnant dame on this tour, and so trying to limit my travel and manic work levels in general around that time.

In lieu of said pregnancy, I hope you will not mind if I eat a tub of ice cream while I speak on stage. Thank you.

See you there!

Looking extremely forward to it,

- Zo x



My new novel, The Wrong Girl, is complete!

December 10th, 2013   3 Comments

Which is wonderful news for fans of my fiction or sassy romantic comedies or people who can read, but I concede perhaps not as exciting for the rest of you, particularly those who ended up on this site after searching for “pictures of cats on the phone.”

Nonetheless! For those interested, it will be available for you to wifflewoff late February, both as a Real Life Paper Book and a futuristic ebook straight from 2090. And I, for one, cannot wait.

Here’s the cover for The Wrong Girl, so you know exactly what you’re looking for:


Oh my goodness. How did that get there! How embarrassing. My secret shame. On view to all. If only I knew how to delete it.

Here’s the REAL cover:


Cute as a pink balloon, and just as fun to rub on your head to get your hair to stand on end with static.

If you feel like it might be right up your Rue, please feel free/compelled to pre-order it here.


Amazing Face now has an app!

April 26th, 2013   8 Comments

Most of us would rather fill our handbags with numerous lip products, wallets, bronzers, powders, keys, phones, baby wipes than full, book-sized books, no matter how delightful they are. AM I RIGHT?

Mum says I am so I’m allowed to keep writing.

This is why we created a baby, fits-in-your-iPhone size Amazing Face beauty app, filled with step-by-steps on many makeup and hair looks (including a tricky mirror interaction thingy), all new How Tos on how to do five-minute updos and curl your hair and do smoky eye makeup, as well as a bunch of, quite frankly, terrific portable beauty tricky, like what to say to your facialist so your skin doesn’t peel for the next week, or how to coach your hair colourist into knowing exactly what colour you’re after, or what ftp do if you’re at your lover’s house and a terrifying pimple erupts… you know, that kind of gear. Also you can create clever shopping lists to store all your favourite products and which shade you are, and buy direct from the app from the best beauty stores. Must-have products, a remarkably fresh visual display and wonderfully novel shake-your-phone for a random tip technology completes the fun.

Buy it at the app store today or forever hold your geese.

And to finish, here is a video that (pretty terribly) explains things:

Beauty tricks on the go? You need the Amazing Face beauty app! (NOT map.)


Nearly done.

February 26th, 2013   4 Comments

Writing my new novel, that is. Or “book” as the youth call it.

This is a happy coincidence, because it is definitely, frighteningly due. How amazing that I should be racing to finish it, just as my publisher needs it! I mean, talk about weird.

Think of me, my sweets, as I develop terrible posture and unhealthy caffeine habits…


News: There is no news.

May 3rd, 2012   3 Comments

That’s because I have  no new books to promote, and am off quietly thumping keys on my next one. (You can monitor my favourite distraction from said book here if you like.)


You know I only post when I want you to buy something or come somewhere or do something!

That’s how I roll, babe.


*blows smoke into your face and struts off*

*puts out fake cigarette, runs back, apologises and kisses your hand*